Club theme: Look Beyond Yourself

Club Shout: The Eagles fly high in quest, we are the leaders with the zest, HARK HARK!
Hail the best, RCSIES SW, HARK HARK! Join the fest, RCSIES SW.

Sponsored By: Rotary Club of Bombay Pier

International District No.: 3141

Charter Date: 24th December, 2010

Club Goal: A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. Our club has always tried to push itself to achieve not only the Goal but beyond the expected goal.

Club Vision:So, Our vision as a club this year is to bring out positive changes in the society through oneness.

Club Mission: Our mission is to inculcate various skills such as leadership, communication, public speaking, team building and professionalism in our members as well as to uplift the weaker sections of the society in every possible way.

Stage Mist


2010-11 Rtr. Ashish Gaikwad
2011-12 Rtr. Aishwarya
2012-13 Rtr Archana Ramakrishnan
2013-14 Rtr. Ketki Mehta
2014-15 Rtr. Chaitanya Gandhi
2015-2016 Rtr. Dhanshree Waghmare
2016-17 Rtr. Prakyath Shetty
2017-18 Rtr. Anjali Pillai
2018-19 Rtr. Saurav Pandey
2019-20 Rtr. Harleen Kaur Bajwa

2020-21 Rtr. Nehal Asgar